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In re Handy & Harman, LTD. Stockholders Litigation
In the Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware

Your rights may be affected by proceedings in this action if you are a person or entity whose:

Common stock of Handy & Harman, LTD ("H&H") was converted into the right to receive preferred shares of Steel Partners Holding L.P. ("Steel Partners") upon the close of the transaction contemplated by the Agreement and Plan of Merger, dated as of June 26, 2017 between H&H and Steel Partners (the "Class").

Excluded are the Defendants, any person, firm, trust, corporation or other entity related to or affiliated with any of the Defendants; any current or former directors or officers of Defendants; the spouses, children, parents or siblings of said directors and officers; and any entity under the control of the foregoing individuals.

If you held shares of H&H common stock on June 26, 2017, you may be a member of the Class.  As a Class member you will be bound by any decision, favorable or unfavorable, in this case, unless you timely submit an "Opt-Out Form" as described in the Notice on page 3 so that it is postmarked or submitted by October 30, 2018.  The Notice and "Opt-Out form" are on the Notice and Opt-Out tab.

Plaintiff alleges that the Defendants breached their fiduciary duties to the Class by causing H&H to be sold to Steel Partners at an unfair price as the result of an unfair process. Defendants have denied and continue to deny, that they have committed any violations of law or that they have any liability with respect to any claims asserted in the Action, and they deny any and all liability to the Class representative and to the Class.

For more information about the litigation, please read the Notice.
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Brokerage firms, banks and/or other persons or entities who held shares of H&H common stock at the time the Transaction closed for the benefit of others are requested to send the Notice promptly to all of the beneficial owners of such shares.  If additional copies of the Notice are needed for forwarding to such beneficial owners, any requests for such additional copies may be made to:

In re Handy & Harman, Ltd, Stockholders Litigation
Notice Administrator
P.O. Box 404020
Louisville, KY 40233-4020