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In re Handy & Harman, LTD. Stockholders Litigation
In the Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware

If you were a record holder or beneficial owner of common stock of Handy & Harman, Ltd. (“H&H”) (a) who tendered common stock of H&H in exchange for preferred shares of Steel Partners Holdings L.P. (“Steel Partners”) in the tender offer commenced by Steel Partners on or about September 13, 2017; or (b) whose common stock of H&H was exchanged for preferred shares of Steel Partners upon the close of the transaction contemplated by the Agreement and Plan of Merger, dated as of June 26, 2017 between H&H and Steel Partners, your rights will be affected.

The Class was certified as an “opt-out” class pursuant to Delaware Court of Chancery Rules 23(a), 23(b)(1), 23(b)(2).

Excluded from the Class are the Defendants, any person, firm, trust, corporation or other entity related to or affiliated with any of the Defendants; any current or former directors or officers of Defendants; the spouses, children, parents or siblings of said directors and officers; and any entity under the control of the foregoing individuals.

Plaintiff Matthew Sciabacucchi (“Lead Plaintiff”), and his counsel Block & Leviton LLP (“Block & Leviton”) and Heyman Enerio Gattuso & Hirzel LLP (“HEGH”) (collectively, “Class Counsel”), on behalf of Lead Plaintiff and the Class, have reached a proposed settlement of the Action for $30,000,000 in cash (the “Settlement”).

For more information about the litigation, please read the Notice. You may also view the documents filed with the Court on the Court Documents tab.


Brokers and other nominees that held shares of H&H common stock as record holders for the benefit of another person or entity shall either, within seven calendar days of receipt of the Notice, request from the Settlement Administrator sufficient copies of the Notice to forward to all such beneficial owners within seven calendar days or send a list of the names and addresses of all such beneficial owners to:

In re Handy & Harman, Ltd, Stockholders Litigation
Settlement Administrator

c/o KCC Class Action Services
P.O. Box 404020
Louisville, KY 40233-4020